Friday, December 29, 2006

Music - what a gift to us!

I've been blessed recently by listening to some amazing music - by that I mean that I appreciate the composition as well as (and especially) the lyrics.
If you haven't checked these out - might I recommend: - a group of church musicians who have recorded several collections of old hymns - many to new arrangements - I especially treasure the CD's - Depth of Mercy, and The Gadsby Project. - His Faithfulness - The Poetry of Amy Carmichael - which has been set to music by Jim Spencer - you can check out some sound bites at the website.

Today I received an "old friend" in the mail. My favourite CD for some time was Mercy in the Wilderness by Steve Camp - full of great songs for reflection - Christ Died for God, We stand in Grace, the Beauty of Holiness etc. I had purchased it used at Chumleighs without knowing what a treasure I was getting. Then, at some point, I lent it out, but completely forgot who to. I've been looking for a replacement for some time as it is no longer being sold, and last week found someone by googling who had a "nearly mint" copy for a very reasonable price. It was great to listen to the words again tonight.

My dear nephew Andrew also put me on to Indelible Grace music - another group of wise people who have rediscovered the depth of truth in some of the older hymns. I haven't ordered yet, but there is lots to listen to at:

I'm sure this doesn't even scratch the surface of what is available out there in terms of beautiful sound combined with sound meaning.

What are you recommending these days?


Godby said...

Hey Aunt Deb,
Glad to see you posted again! Music is such a wonderful thing eh?! I'll have to check out your recommendations as I haven't been listening to much these days (aside from Great Big Sea).

code said...

I'm recommending Dustin Kensrue. At least for those who don't share my passion for hip-hop, metal, and other such forms of not-easy-to-listen-to music.

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The free-ranging gnome said...

Deb the world is poorer in substance for not hearing your musings. .post!