Sunday, January 02, 2005

January 2nd - Ice Sunday

Spent part of last evening researching the Sabbath, wanting to understand how God would have us spend the "day a week" in our redeemed post-Calvary lives. This morning the icy conditions meant that I could neither walk nor drive to church.
I am determined to read through the bible this year in a disciplined way, rather than the grazing pattern I fell into last year which John Piper quotes George Mueller as saying leaves us stunted in our growth.
I have not felt this 'lousy' physically for at least 18 months, all owing to the sin of gluttony which I have been flirting with for at least 2 weeks and which reached it's nadir yesterday.
As I read through Genesis, my prayer is that God in His mercy will cause the Holy Spirit to bring His word alive in a new, fresh, permanently life changing way.
Language is still a barrier, I'm trying to read it in NASB, then the Message, then the Childrens bible story book I remember from my childhood (which has lots of assumptions.)
What did God mean when he said "subdue" the earth, if there was no sin or death or eating of meat at the time?

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Todd said...

very insightful!

rest is a funny thing, since we seem to want it so bad all the time, and when we get it, we spend it worrying about other things when we should be enjoying God...