Saturday, March 05, 2005

God's glory

Sometimes you have to wonder, can I really write anything which will bring glory to God?
My disappointment in myself and my priorities today is colouring everything.
Clothes don't make the woman, (new or used :o), but send me into a thrift store and you send me into a frenzy of desire.
I finished Ethel Barrett's adaptation of Holy War last night, and was struck by the line "the only thing that truly hurt you is sin." Seems I forgot all about it once I saw the dollar racks.
If anyone ever reads this and thinks "what's the big deal?", I can assure you that the feelings of compulsion I get over a 50 cent used item are as strong or stronger than a Hollywood starlet gets over a $10,000 designer gown.
I am thankful for many things. I am thankful that the God of glory won't allow me to be comfortable with the status quo. I am thankful that I'm not going to any foreign mission field (if at all) until I can learn to fight the "Holy War" within right here.
I am thankful for the young women and men that God has put in my life, and how they expose me to fresh ways of seeing His glory.
I am thankful that tomorrow is the Lord's day, and I will have a chance to sit with my brothers and sisters in the body of Christ and remember Jesus, meditate on His beauty, and be thankful.
I'm off to prepare!

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Todd said...

You are who you are when you are alone... You hit the nail on the head Aunt Deb! And so does Bunyan.