Monday, April 25, 2005

Rainy days and Mondays always get me ................

If you are willing to date yourself as a Carpenters or Paul Williams fan, you'll know how that line ends.
The only thing shaking my joy today is me - I say one thing, but my thoughts and actions reveal that I am still living under the delusion that "it is all about me."
A family friend was standing at the shoreline in Myrtle Beach yesterday when a large wave knocked her over, resulting in a broken hip. She was airlifted back to Toronto for surgery. We never know what a moment will bring.
I myself would like to be knocked over by a large wave of the Holy Spirit that would leave me broken and humble. I say that - but do I really understand what I am asking for?
I am looking forward to the bible college graduation this Saturday - another opportunity for living vicariously :o) I'm so thankful for the passion of some of God's choice possessions that I have met through the college. I look forward to sharing in their excellent adventures as they follow the call of God around the globe.


Todd said...

Aunt Deb you rock, and your thoughts are inspiration for us crazy KLBC grads, so thankyou!

Rebecca said...

sorry to hear about your friend with the broken hip. I sympathize with her situation greatly, and will be praying for her. Also, sorry that I was such a dud on the cat naming situation. Did you ever come up with a suitable name for her highness? I hope so. :)

gracie said...

We stuck with Hannah, although Stephen calls her Hannah the Owl Girl because of her big eyes and owl like expression.
How are you progressing physically?

Rebecca said...

Hannah... I like that. A very regal choice. :)
I'm doing okay. Physio is interesting. I'm not doing as well as I would like, but I don't suppose that's a big surprise. My therapist says that by December I should be semi-normal again, as far as sports are concerned. Which is good, cause even though that's pretty far away, I was nervous there for a while that I wouldn't get any better. so, anyway, that's the short version of my progress. :) I have an appointment with my doctor on Wednedsday, which hopefully is to be my last with him. We'll see, I guess.