Saturday, April 09, 2005

To anyone who might learn from my mistakes - past, present and future (sadly)

1. Try to curb any obsessive compulsive tendencies by limiting your reading to 2 books (plus the bible) at any one time - unless you are engaged in academic pursuits.

2. Do not read fictional romance - even if it is masquerading as "Christian fiction." Ditto for "chick flicks" - they paint an unrealistic picture of relationships. One might perhaps make an exception for Princess Bride, just because it is my favourite (although the book was much better.)

3. Remind yourself at least daily that no one except God can meet all your needs. This will be much easier to believe if you've complied with item 2.

4. When tempted to spread yourself too thin, remember that any sequence of priorities that does not list God first, spouse second, everything else following is bound to get you in trouble. God doesn't necessarily mean church.

5. Clothes do not make the person - even if they were an incredible buy at the local thrift store. In fact, even if they were in a grab bag from a dear friend or sister. The fewer items you can be content with, the more time you'll have to spend on meaningful pursuits. Clothes don't maintain themselves, besides which you can reach a point where having too many clothes results in decision paralysis. I guess it's been part of my "the world must revolve around me therefore everyone will notice what I wear to work tomorrow" idiocy.

6. You don't have to tell every detail of the story. You don't have to argue with your spouse as to whether the cat got sick on a Wednesday or Thursday back in 1984. In fact, I learned recently at a workshop on presentation that you should know 100% and teach/share only 20%.
You might also give the man in the pulpit the benefit of the doubt - my husband used to constantly tell me I expected every preacher to share every facet of every doctrine whenever they preached.

7. Some people can live with clutter but hate dirt (as in rings in the toilet bowl, hair in the sink etc.) Others could live in manure but detest any type of clutter - including today's mail on the counter. Of course some people hate both. Find out which type your spouse is, and seek to adapt yourself to their preference.

There are lots of other things I could mention, some have reared their ugly heads even today, but I'll end with

8. Pray constantly that you will not be moved away from a rock solid belief in the sovereignty of God. Period.

Tod, if you read this - I notice Holy War is back on the shelf at church - did you finish it? Are you ready to tutor?


gracie said...

I want to read "1 comments"

Todd said...

Hey, I fear I have not quite finished Holy War (in complying with rule #2 :)

-I got about half way through, but I will grab it again in about a week, once all major papers are completed, and I don't need to read any excess 'school related' material. If I am not blogging about Bunyan in the next couple of weeks reprimand me, cause I really need to finish that book. I can send you some of the music I'm working on, but I need an email address. And I agree whole heartedly with # 8. Godspeed

RB said...

Hey how bout 3 comments?
Hey just found this blog and wanted to say I loved the list! every insightful!
I think I shall keep this blog as one of the blogs i read on a regular basis.
see ya at church some time

samuel said...

What a great list. I was just introduced to your blog by a certain gimpy sister of mine and really enjoy it. This list is very insightful. Thanks.