Saturday, June 18, 2005

His pleasure and will

I was sitting in an office yesterday waiting for someone and their calendar picture for June was a very colourful toad/frog of some kind, with the expected huge Marty Feldman eyes. (Side-note - "Marty had received a double-whammy. His nose was mangled in his youthful years in a boxing match; his walleyed orbs were the result of both a hyperactive thyroid and a botched operation after a car accident before his 30th birthday, in 1963.")
Anyway, I was thinking about the fact that God made that amphibian for His pleasure. Even the way that he fits into the food chain/ life cycle is ultimately for God's pleasure. The frog exists because God willed that He should - therefore he is not the Captain of his fate.
Another side-note:

Elizabeth Bishop - The Unbeliever

He sleeps on the top of a mast. - Bunyan

He sleeps on the top of a mast
with his eyes fast closed.
The sails fall away below him
like the sheets of his bed,
leaving out in the air of the night the sleeper's head.

Asleep he was transported there,
asleep he curled
in a gilded ball on the mast's top,
or climbed inside
a gilded bird, or blindly seated himself astride.

"I am founded on marble pillars,"
said a cloud. "I never move.
See the pillars there in the sea?"
Secure in introspection
he peers at the watery pillars of his reflection.

A gull had wings under his
and remarked that the air
was "like marble." He said: "Up here
I tower through the sky
for the marble wings on my tower-top fly."

But he sleeps on the top of his mast
with his eyes closed tight.
The gull inquired into his dream,
which was, "I must not fall.
The spangled sea below wants me to fall.
It is hard as diamonds; it wants to destroy us all."

Back to the toad. I was led to dwell on the fact that I also was made for God's pleasure and will. (same thing actually - 2307-thelema)
Isn't it strange - we know this - but there are so many different levels of knowing. The fact that my flesh can so easily convince me
that I am the centre of the universe...
In my usual googling tangent I've lost sight of what I was hoping to communicate.

So...God has also given some the ability to write poetry - for example my young "brother" Todd.
It is a marvelous gift - and whenever it captures even a smidgeon of truth - it brings Him glory.
(What is the smallest unit of measure for truth ? A smidgeon? An iota? )

I hope to do a study on the use of "thelema" throughout the N.T. - but as you can see - my disjointed scattered train of thought today may interfere.
I also need to study for a final exam, go for a walk, be domestic, be a help-mate, and in all of it - remember that I exist for God's will and pleasure.

The Bee


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Thanks for the comment on my blog Aunt Deb:) it was good to hear from you and it encouraged me. thanks as well for your thoughts on your blog here, it provides a challenge:) Lord bless:)

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