Saturday, December 31, 2005

Tree fort?

In honour of the eve of 2006 I thought I might post. It is 3:30 p.m. and I just finished watching the non-Gwyneth Paltrow version of Emma. The Austen era was certainly (perhaps realistically) cynical about the "church." It would be lovely to see a pastor portrayed as an imperfect shepherd who was certain of the genuine call of God.

So, we have a variety of snacks and delicacies to take us through the day, and threw in an Angus burger cooked on the indoor grill (this time without almost passing out from smoke inhalation.)
I wonder how many Canadian households find themselves attempting to satisfy all their food cravings on this day/night - in order to begin the new year with hope of change.

I was doing some dishes, resolving to come upstairs and get caught up on my bible reading in order to begin the New Year at the beginning. A crazy desire came in to my head. I thought how wonderful it would be to have a platform or primitive tree house high up in the trees - and sit in it bundled up and read my bible while feeling the wind bite (hopefully not seriously) at my cheeks. Do you ever wonder where such ideas come from? We've done absolutely nothing to create privacy (pronounced the British way) in our backyard - we've never been able to justify it, but if someone were to take the decision out of my hands I would love to have a little secret garden. Or so I thought, until today, but obviously my deep seated desire is for a tree fort :o)

May we all be blessed with more hunger for Jesus, and more detachment from worldiness in 2006.


gracie said...

Well, it wasn't a tree fort, but I got to the chapel about 20 minutes before anyone else on New Years Day and chose to stand outside the doors in the semi-swirling snow and sing. Fairest Lord Jesus, The Lord moves in mysterious ways, and some other old hymns I forget now, as well as a little ditty that came to me -
"Not a snow-flake falls but You ordain it,
not a sparrow feeds but to proclaim it -
that You are Lord
Lord of all"
I have a deep need to rehearse His sovereignty in everything right now, especially as I think on my mothers current circumstances.
Today I am (by His grace) filled with hope and faith that He will restore to her "the joy of her salvation."

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Todd said...

May we be filled with hope everyday concerning the joys found in Jesus. Don't give up on the treefort either, its an idea worth action ;)